Monday, May 22, 2006

being me

*deep breath*

Every once in a while I get this irresistible itch to light up. Not light up as an attempt at arson, though I have to admit the idea does seem tempting, but light up as in a cigarette. And because it seems irresistible it becomes a challenge to resist it, or try to. So. The other day I got meself a pack of Malboro Lights (Mean bro once suggested that I write on the fact that NONE of cigarette companies have a web presence, I have done it here, not as he’d suggested, but it’s a close). And today, more than a month later, I gave in to the urge, at the terrible risk of smelling rotten, I lit up. What I actually wanted to burn was a stack of papers in front of me - it’s Monday after all – going through it seems more of drudgery than usual only because it’s so lame. What’s the point in having to wait for a whole laadidah month or more only to have such trash masquerading as project? I seriously fail to understand people’s excuse for sub-standard work. And I reserve the right to get offended, take it as a slap on the limited surface area that is my face, as an insult to my intelligence or what little remains of it on auto-pilot. The thing is I misplaced my brain during one routine cleaning of the cranium. Or perhaps it went off for a walk and forgot to return. My brain has always been a trouble maker. In fact the whole of me is. I’d say I Dr. Stranglove Syndrome but that would be putting it mildly. Being the supremely intelligent being that I am, each and every system in me has a nervous system and command center of its own. Imagine a bedlam. In me. So the brain routinely stages walk outs, and I function on auto-pilot and so it’s been months now since it decided not to return. Another reason could be the lack of space. How much of thinking matter can you cram into my skull? Space is prime property given my size. I’m not sure what kind of cells have shifted up there, but some sort must have made the move, my head seems well- balanced. For now. So, that would be my answer, I guess, for not blogging intelligent, for not commenting on others’ intelligent blogpourings etc. as I said on bhai’s blog, my only hope is that some retarded, starving, alley cat caught sight of my brain as it traipsed up and down a market, and ate it up. And died which would mean an end of my brain and hopefully the rest of me should now live happily ever after.


knicq said...

Crazy Hilarious...thats what you are....and more of these updates is what ought to be doing.

By the way, you forgot a birthday....thank your stars it ain't the one in December, or you might have had a taste of Anqic wrath.

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