Saturday, March 22, 2003

Ahem, for those of you who still have the time to read through all the fluff that I write, and are even remotely interested in my current employment status, I have been offered a job, with another one waiting for a go ahead from me, now I wait for the go ahead from Daddy Dearest and then will OK the one that might entail a change in my residence status... curious, intrigued, well, watch out what happens next in the life of The Soliloquist. :D

Sunday, March 16, 2003

And why can't someone pay me for this very blog that I so diligently update...:-?

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Have added myself to the burgeoning ranks of unemployed, disgruntled youth in Pakistan, not that I wasn't so already, with nothing in black and whit confirming my job with my ex emplyers and not a penny to resemble or come close to a pay check, I was left with no course of action but to employers...and here I am disconnected and sniff sniff...

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Back Home and DTP sick

Back here in the land of the pure and at work, things couldn't have gotten any worse, the work bit meant here... And it is the same, the cricket crazy nation that we are, the TV next to me is on full blast (now people ought to know why I hear loud, my auditory senses have been dulled!) as everyone watches the Pakistan cricket team, the erstwhile losers play Zimbabwe. It was such a hoot the other day when Pakistan played India and lost and now with this match rain washed, from the looks of it, has no chances, if any, of making it to the Super Six, I really wanted them to lose and not even make it. Serves them right for being so big headed, pace attack, all bull shit :P And to make ammends for failing to mention all the wonderfull people I had met at the DTP in BKK, here is a list and as and when I find time, I would be posting some of their most memorable traits here.
Cass the crackpot, whacky, artsy Aborigine from Australia,
Win a forever sleepy refugee from Burma based in Mae Sot, Thailand
Htoo Chit, the karate dancer and enthusiastic interpreter, again a Burmese freely found in BKK
Banya, the grin reaper, a Karenni (Burma) but doing the rounds all along the Thai Burma border
Sopath, a soft spoken Cambodian never forgetting his country nor letting any of us ignore it
Archie freely friendly stunner from Fiji
Rosario, the Tamil Dalit lawyer from India, who sheds aside all airs after three glasses of beer
Benget, from Medan, Indonesia, pining for home, quietly and always homesick
Fi-3, a winsome IDP from Ambon, Indonesia, on a mission to bewitch as many as possible with that sly smile of hers
Helena, the self proclaimed spokesperson for Fi-3, but with quite a brain herself, quite a sight after 11 pm, full of fun, laughter, and yes, another IDP from Ambon
Kabita, the mother working on Children's rights in Nepal, with her kids reminding her that they too happen to be 'Children'
Mahwish/Rana from Lahore, Pakistan, the reliable, patient, and 'deadly' room mate of yours truly and made an IDP every night for two and a half weeks in room 515 of Chandrakassem Park Hotel, BKK
A-edit-, yours truly, from Karachi
Boyax, the pensive Filipono, a journo from Mindanoa, Philippines
Uncle Abhoud, father figure, heading the Civil arm of the Bangsamoro liberation movement, Philippines
Toby, with his 'heys' whenever we met, a Highlander from Papua New Guinea
George, from Bouguinville, PNG, who had us reeling initially, with his substituting f's with p's and sh's with s's
Kohilan, the reel gentleman Tamil from Sri Lanka (misspelling intended) and last but not the least Rossana another Sri Lankan, who Empress Marketed me wordless. And how can I ever forget Joan, the Graceful lady from UNSW Australia, with her grandma airs and cares who made the three weeks breeze by and of course Georgie another lovely Aussie, steering us smoothly through DTP. Ha, what great and wonderful people, what memories, I may go on and on about them but then stop short in fears of not doing them the justice in words and so, till the day I am sure I can accomplish the deed, they will stay in the most fragrant corner of my most treasured and cherished memories.

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