Wednesday, January 31, 2007


OK, so Orkut is three years, So how come I have been on Orkut for all of these three years (got onboard in February 2004) am a member of 79 communities and have only 25 odd/even friends on my list? I am on a networking site and painstakingly avoid/spurn fraindship offers.
and then there was an Oh! moment two days ago. While sis and ma were crying, I was trying to contain my laugh, so much so that sis realised and stepped back saying she would not ruin her mascara. Ha! Anyways, I did try to behave myself and keep a firm grip on my comments, i must have gnashed and ground my teeth by a good half by the time we were through. It it a tiring business, trying to behave.

Friday, January 26, 2007

In Mourning and Labyrinth

Everyone’s after my life these days. Seems like I have no use and control over anything anymore. Just by saying yes, I denied my old life to myself. Of all things in te world, i actually get accused of NOT taking interest in shopping! I mean me, not interested in shopping? Has hell frozen over? Is the sun setting somewhere in the south? When it agrees to rise that is? I can’t be blamed for my lack of interest in shopping; everyone’s definition of shopping is different and ma and my are poles apart. So, tempers fly, fights ensue and I have taken to hating my parents and sister with a purpose. I had to keep myself busy somehow! Anyway. The other day while these despicable relatives of mine were oohing and aahing over over-priced, AA kurtas, I slipped out and into Liberty Books next door; a quick commando style scan of their shelves and I picked three titles, rushed to the payment counter and pleaded with the person to process my purchase ASAP, all the while asking A how much time had passed, and to check next door if ma was still busy next door. Then I refused the tell-tale Liberty Books shopping bad and stuffed the books in my bag, and another mom-approved store purchase. And after making an absolute scene of myself (imagine a full-grown aunty making furtive book purchases) I find ma and sis leaning on the railing right outside the entrance, with ma throwing dagger looks at me. Luckily my brothers have taken to siding with me, whether it’s stopping by for DVD/CD shopping or hiding the number of books I’ve bought or going anywhere.
So, I bought Labyrinth. I started reading it yesterday and now I can't put it down (inviting yet more of Ma's wrath). It's part Da Vinci Code, part The Historian and all in all totally unputdownable. Also it has also brought me back to hard-copy reading folds.
some days back i discovered esnips, a real treasure trove of e-books. and downloaded some hundred thousand books. parents, before the current spate of near warfare, had gotten the power outlet in my room fixed (and agreed to let me paint the room a girly pink) so that i could plug in my laptop. and my laptop had stayed plugged in for more than a month. first there was office work spillover to bo completed. then it was e-books. once i got into e-book reading, i just could not have enough of it, so i sneaked into my room at any given oppurtunity to read. i stayed up late, at times till 5 in the morning, reading. of course i also got up late, near noon, to make up for lost sleep but parents don't mind it really. in any case. i had so gotten into soft-copy reading reading proper books seemed tiring. but two days ago (and just a day fater my flash drive died out) my laptop wnet bust. just like that, it wnet blank. a grudge like creaking noise coming from its processor as i started on the first pages of the accidental tourist...and then the OS was no more. so i am in mourning, for my laptop, that steadfast friend that stayed by my side for all of three plus years, that bulky piece of machine whose blinking blue logging off screen i closed my eyes to every night and would have been the first sight i set my eyes on had ma allowed me that DSL connection in my said good riddance when i told her of my loss, pa blank-looked at me and sister all but rolled her eyes (enough reasons to hate them, right?) only bros understood my grief and promised to see to the revival of the dearly nearly departed. in te meantime i have to keep myself busy following Aloce/Alais through time in the Labyrinth.

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