Tuesday, October 31, 2006

This is something I've read about and watched unravel in movies...troubles and troubles in heaps...but things work out eventually...and teh protagonist comes outs victorious.
So. I will not scatter my itsy bitsy brains in what remain of the week. I will be on top of things, manage and live with goof ups, meet deadlines, just make sure things work out all in all.
My life is NOT in bits. Not now anyways. If I can just manage to drag my life till Monday, i should be in better position to somehow get it back on track. But a week long backlog would take heaven knows how long to make up for.

Monday, October 30, 2006


Ok, whoever said Bridezilla is something to be feared hasn't been invited to sis' wedding. At the moment I have to sneak off time from various tasks (read all work) and reply to emails from work. And attend calls, and answer to shouts for my name from all corners of teh house...and manage a couple of unruly kids. The mothers told me to make sure they behave themselves, so I give them a scolding from time to time. Now they are peeking in and whispering my name and running off giggling. Funny of course. Have to answer to another summons from Ma now. And have to go to the market to buy things for today's fucntion. Why are weddings such a complicated business and why did we all insist on doing all work ourselves becuase no one else's work would do for us?

Monday, October 23, 2006


For some strange reason I have worked up a real snit, not the funny one when my only annoyance is that it isn't snitty enough. This time I am in a generally intolerable snapping at everyone mood. And the best thing about it is the timing; Eid holidays. And considering how it's going to be us sisters' last Eid with the family and as a family as known to us all our lives, it's all the more reason to get reasonably irked. I mean what? Not fair is it? Add to it the fact that we have not, no one in the family, prepared in any way for our last Eid together. It's sis' wedding right after Eid so we thought we'd rough it in relatively new clothes for the festivities and launch ourselves into full-time celebratory mood. But Ma spoiled it for me the other day; she cried and in turn I snapped at sis. While sis and ma and ma and I are all fine now (so to speak) sis and I are not. She soes not take to snapping kindly (nor do I for that matter) and seeing how she has less than a fortnight with us I should be more gentle with her...but then she'd miss our cold wars so it's better I give her a taste of what it was like all these years growing up with her. But honestly, I am going to miss her. It just won't be the same when she won't be around to hear me go crazy middle of the night...there would be no one to share a quick mocking glance with while sitting for dinners...that exchange that drove ma and pa crazy...
so it's Eid tomorrrow, men of the house are out to collect the suits they'd be wearing on the wedding day, women of the house are holed up in their rooms and I am sitting in front of a screen watching words spring up before me.
Weddings are a crazy business. I have yet to decide what I'd be wearing on Mayoon day, the day for which I broke my back and made cards myself (with two toned paper, gota, dori and sequins and color), most wedding invites are still to be sent out (Pa got 165 cards made for our guest totalling 200, so every second child in each invited family gets a card), I have to get my matching scarves and bangles, some of sis' stuff is yet to be bought and packed...BiL's things are still un-bought, brothers' clothes for the shadi day are un-bought, we have to go and finalise the wedding hall stage arrangements, confirm food arrangements for two days...and God knows what else remains to be attended to...oh yes, videography, photography, mehndi for the bride, my shoes to go with wedding dresses, cars to be arranged to drop and pick up sis from the Salon, have to take her for services, get my own face fixed for the wedding...the list is endless...so our last Eid with the family is going to be very unlike a Eid...
Last year's Eid would then be the proper last Eid with family, only I can't remember what it was like. Not at all...

Thursday, October 05, 2006


The only thing certain at certain times is that you are full of uncertainty.

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