Tuesday, August 26, 2003

God, I am in a tight spot. The aircon does not work so my room is now renamed "Hell", its previous name was "Depression".
I had fiddled with my cell phone and blocked the sim, so have to get that thing sorted out as well.
Life is a definite downhill for me these days.
Work is great but after works...sigh...
mushkilain hum pe apri itni ke aasan ho gaeen
Let's see if my sabr pays off...

Thursday, August 14, 2003

Car Brothers

Yesterday was RakhshaBandhan, the hindu festival when sisters tie a Rakhi on their brother's hands. I am not a hindu but this festival always appealed to me, a celebration of a very noble, pure and sincere relationship. And what did I do this
RakhshaBandhan then? Why tie a Rakhi of course :) Actually I know of this very nice Hindu guy who does a car lift, in fact I commute to work with him, everyday, from Sharjah to DMC. A decent bloke. So first thing I inform him of in the morning is that Rahul I got a Rakhi for you...and he was taken by surprise...anyways, in the evening I tied the Rakhi on his hand. And now a gift from him is due :D Of course it wasnt about gifts, I am glad I have found a brother here, and that was my way of showing that I really appreciate his noble actions and thoughtfulness when it comes to all 4 of those he takes in his car lift.

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