Thursday, August 14, 2003

Car Brothers

Yesterday was RakhshaBandhan, the hindu festival when sisters tie a Rakhi on their brother's hands. I am not a hindu but this festival always appealed to me, a celebration of a very noble, pure and sincere relationship. And what did I do this
RakhshaBandhan then? Why tie a Rakhi of course :) Actually I know of this very nice Hindu guy who does a car lift, in fact I commute to work with him, everyday, from Sharjah to DMC. A decent bloke. So first thing I inform him of in the morning is that Rahul I got a Rakhi for you...and he was taken by surprise...anyways, in the evening I tied the Rakhi on his hand. And now a gift from him is due :D Of course it wasnt about gifts, I am glad I have found a brother here, and that was my way of showing that I really appreciate his noble actions and thoughtfulness when it comes to all 4 of those he takes in his car lift.


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