Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Hiatus and Gheebat

Well, well, well and who would have thought that me, forever blogging, would actually take a temporary break and not post new entries onto it? But such a day was to dawn and dawn it did. After escaping from work Friday night and whizzing off to Asma’s and then further to Nida’s valima (and I had to share such personal tidbits online!!!!), the next day had to be an off owing to the late night return. Sunday is just no day to go to work. And Mondays are rotten as always and there was a strong chance that I did not make it yet again. The azaab, usurper and jaalily elected President Pervez Musharraf had come to Malir Cantt. for some military reason or another ( I wouldn’t shed a tear, if he too is involved, preferably fatally, in a Bahawalpur like air crash). Anyways now that the country’s top most jerk was in the area, there were no Metro buses plying at all, my only mode of commute to the office. After a curseful wait, where I was at the cursing end and the whole paranoid ruling elite at the receiving end, I had to take another long, two bus, two hour raasta before entering the office premises only to see a very long queue at the lift. And so I had to take the stairs (huff, puff, all the way to the sixth floor). But I had the most delightful of diversions on the third floor as I met a old KU classmate and conveniently forgot that I was late and detoured to her office (she has her own, the lucky bugger!). Another 45 minutes chatting with her before I landed on my perch as the token head of Women’s affairs, Children, Education, Health, Science and Technology sections, at the sixth floor. So here I am clicking away. And if you think I should try and earn a more fair living, let me tell you one thing, so far I have no job guarantee whatsoever, no idea of what I should expect at the end of the month in my bank account, which I don’t have either. Add to this the fact that the reporters that are supposed to report to me go their ways heedless of my humble presence, ignore any ideas that I give them, throw cock and bull stories my way once I finally get them to sit down and discuss any idea… it goes on… and this blog also becomes a channel for me bad-mouthing my ******* colleagues, juniors whatever!

Friday, December 27, 2002

Blog and blog and never tire…

It’s been not even a month since I discovered the joys of pouring all my thoughts, or as many that remain behind once I sit down to post something new on this blog. You see, while I happen to have a real fertile mind, all the ‘intelligent’ courses of thoughts that otherwise ail me don’t really want to come onto a piece of paper, hard or soft. So that leaves me to type in whatever nonsense that appears to be correct in syntax. And then I think if the name I had thought up for myself was in fact that good that it affects what I want to say in public and what I think up of in private, when I am imprisoned and enchanted by my own genius. Strange as it may sound, I really do think up of real connected and well constructed ideas that have the most irritating habit of going ‘poof’ just as I want to make them public. And now enough of all this narcissism, but then all about oneself, isn’t that all what a blog is all about? And when one is talking about oneself, only then there is one inundated with words; that much I have learned. So what am I to do with this blog, which was supposed to be an insight into the clogs and wheels of the media in this country? And house ‘reflections’ on what transpires in this city. But can I help if I don’t find it inspiring enough? And the thoughts that I may want to share may prove to be a tad too unpalatable to the sensitivities of the minute community of readers of this blog. Nah! that I can’t afford, not so early in my nascent blogging career at least. So as traffic on this blog increases, hopefully, and I find a more receptive audience to my thoughts, I might as well confine, refine and add on to my thoughts in my teeny weeny brain that oft proves to small a place for the grey matter it is stuffed with!

Saturday, December 14, 2002


Come winter and I am repeatedly found hurling this question at just about anyone who cares to listen to my meaningless ramblings and that does not include my family. Simply because they my inanities are not worth their ears. So I take on to the cyberspace. My family may argue that I try my level best to achieve that level of soporific utopia each winter but somehow the very thought of ambling out of the warm cocoon of my cozy bed and facing the cold winter wind thaperay is enough to rob me of any moment of genuine bliss nested within the quilt. And as my sister so considerately tells me, if a bear hibernates, it has accumulated enough fat to last it the entire sleep. Something I can’t even think of with my skeletal frame. But what about the frog, I ask her and she counters that I must already be a half-frog from the time I spend in bed each winter. Can't argue with that because it is the truth, for this is what my daily routine looked like this Ramadhan (the Muslim month of fasting, from dusk to dawn). Get up for Sehri, say the fajr prayers, then avail the lastest second of sleep and get up again to prepare for going to the office. Reaching the office late each day (and making up for it staying an hour late), while away the time there and yawn repeatedly, as much as possible. Come home some time before Iftar, stuff myself, say the Maghrib prayers and then sleep. Wake up for Sehri the next day… and so on. Now that it isn't Ramadhan and we had to revert to the same old tiring routine, I oversleep every day, refusing to keep an alarm to wake me from my slumber, and consequentially, reach office late each day

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Starting today...

No one in his or her right mind, would ever go mad as long as he/she is a captive of his/her own thoughts. And talking to oneself, Soliloquy, is not a telling sign of impending madness, only when one chooses to explore the limitless possibilities and thoughts that crowd the cranium, and talk to oneself, does he/she start on a journey of self discovery.

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