Friday, December 27, 2002

Blog and blog and never tire…

It’s been not even a month since I discovered the joys of pouring all my thoughts, or as many that remain behind once I sit down to post something new on this blog. You see, while I happen to have a real fertile mind, all the ‘intelligent’ courses of thoughts that otherwise ail me don’t really want to come onto a piece of paper, hard or soft. So that leaves me to type in whatever nonsense that appears to be correct in syntax. And then I think if the name I had thought up for myself was in fact that good that it affects what I want to say in public and what I think up of in private, when I am imprisoned and enchanted by my own genius. Strange as it may sound, I really do think up of real connected and well constructed ideas that have the most irritating habit of going ‘poof’ just as I want to make them public. And now enough of all this narcissism, but then all about oneself, isn’t that all what a blog is all about? And when one is talking about oneself, only then there is one inundated with words; that much I have learned. So what am I to do with this blog, which was supposed to be an insight into the clogs and wheels of the media in this country? And house ‘reflections’ on what transpires in this city. But can I help if I don’t find it inspiring enough? And the thoughts that I may want to share may prove to be a tad too unpalatable to the sensitivities of the minute community of readers of this blog. Nah! that I can’t afford, not so early in my nascent blogging career at least. So as traffic on this blog increases, hopefully, and I find a more receptive audience to my thoughts, I might as well confine, refine and add on to my thoughts in my teeny weeny brain that oft proves to small a place for the grey matter it is stuffed with!


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