Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Hiatus and Gheebat

Well, well, well and who would have thought that me, forever blogging, would actually take a temporary break and not post new entries onto it? But such a day was to dawn and dawn it did. After escaping from work Friday night and whizzing off to Asma’s and then further to Nida’s valima (and I had to share such personal tidbits online!!!!), the next day had to be an off owing to the late night return. Sunday is just no day to go to work. And Mondays are rotten as always and there was a strong chance that I did not make it yet again. The azaab, usurper and jaalily elected President Pervez Musharraf had come to Malir Cantt. for some military reason or another ( I wouldn’t shed a tear, if he too is involved, preferably fatally, in a Bahawalpur like air crash). Anyways now that the country’s top most jerk was in the area, there were no Metro buses plying at all, my only mode of commute to the office. After a curseful wait, where I was at the cursing end and the whole paranoid ruling elite at the receiving end, I had to take another long, two bus, two hour raasta before entering the office premises only to see a very long queue at the lift. And so I had to take the stairs (huff, puff, all the way to the sixth floor). But I had the most delightful of diversions on the third floor as I met a old KU classmate and conveniently forgot that I was late and detoured to her office (she has her own, the lucky bugger!). Another 45 minutes chatting with her before I landed on my perch as the token head of Women’s affairs, Children, Education, Health, Science and Technology sections, at the sixth floor. So here I am clicking away. And if you think I should try and earn a more fair living, let me tell you one thing, so far I have no job guarantee whatsoever, no idea of what I should expect at the end of the month in my bank account, which I don’t have either. Add to this the fact that the reporters that are supposed to report to me go their ways heedless of my humble presence, ignore any ideas that I give them, throw cock and bull stories my way once I finally get them to sit down and discuss any idea… it goes on… and this blog also becomes a channel for me bad-mouthing my ******* colleagues, juniors whatever!


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