Saturday, December 14, 2002


Come winter and I am repeatedly found hurling this question at just about anyone who cares to listen to my meaningless ramblings and that does not include my family. Simply because they my inanities are not worth their ears. So I take on to the cyberspace. My family may argue that I try my level best to achieve that level of soporific utopia each winter but somehow the very thought of ambling out of the warm cocoon of my cozy bed and facing the cold winter wind thaperay is enough to rob me of any moment of genuine bliss nested within the quilt. And as my sister so considerately tells me, if a bear hibernates, it has accumulated enough fat to last it the entire sleep. Something I can’t even think of with my skeletal frame. But what about the frog, I ask her and she counters that I must already be a half-frog from the time I spend in bed each winter. Can't argue with that because it is the truth, for this is what my daily routine looked like this Ramadhan (the Muslim month of fasting, from dusk to dawn). Get up for Sehri, say the fajr prayers, then avail the lastest second of sleep and get up again to prepare for going to the office. Reaching the office late each day (and making up for it staying an hour late), while away the time there and yawn repeatedly, as much as possible. Come home some time before Iftar, stuff myself, say the Maghrib prayers and then sleep. Wake up for Sehri the next day… and so on. Now that it isn't Ramadhan and we had to revert to the same old tiring routine, I oversleep every day, refusing to keep an alarm to wake me from my slumber, and consequentially, reach office late each day


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