Monday, May 30, 2005

Six days and counting

No, it's not been nearly a week since I took off k-log. It's been that long that I have been playing host to an ungracious fever. And it just can’t make up its mind; its comings and goings have left me woozy. Thermometer, that stupid glass contraption refuses to behave itself in my presence too. It steadfastly denies stop to the mercury at a normal human body temperature level. It either gets stuck at 96/97 F or goes all the way up to 102/103 F. Add a kaput BP apparatus to the scene, employed to identify and measure my blood pressure level, and I am all set for preservation in a museum of medical sciences. That bad is sub-normal that is normal for this mortal. 120/80 for me is high blood pressure; at 98.4 F I run a fever. Obviously ice cold press has to be slapped onto my forehead each time the thermometer reads 103 as technically it means 104. Five clammy presses later I reach for the thermometer and have it plunked thrice in my mouth. Each time mercury refuses to budge past the neat 98.4 F mark. Each time my one woman hospital of a sister eyes me suspiciously and orders me to put it back. It’s so neatly normal my temp., OWHS thinks I have rigged it up. Imagine that! And I am force fed medicine. Which tastes terrible as medicine should. I am loathe to coughing for fear of downing more of that stupid syrup that does not seem to do its job at all. I sneak to work one day and return home with fever shot up and a BP level nose diving in search of some elusive plankton down the Mariana Trench.
This is not to say deleting k-log was an act carried out in a delirious, medicinally justifiable bout of insanity. There was some nearly one year’s worth of blogging accumulated on it. A delete action was long past due.
A restart does mean a new phase in life. A new phase in life does not equate with a change in the marital status. Next thing you know, I would mention some 3-4 mentionable phases of my life and jaws follow my BP level assuming I have been married as many times. Or not. I may have a gun pressed to my head when I send off emails to friends telling them how I finally capitulated into saying yes but announcing it here would be too, erm... -let's not get into that-
*cough cough*
In case you are still wondering, keep wondering, keep those grey cells at work.
I would be on the road this weekend again. Around Pakistan this time. If you have your ears sensitized to a dry, raking, wheezing, whopping, sneaking cough, that would be me, if not fully cured by the time I land in your city.

Friday, May 27, 2005

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