Friday, May 27, 2005


Moiz said...

HUH??? Oh no...not again...!!!
I'm sorry if my comment offended you that much...(I know I shouldn't've posted it...)
Hope you're doing fine?

AWK said...

Hey Moiz, that was quick, was just doing some major blog surgery and you paid teh first visit. That was sooo sweet of you. Or a fluke.
Worry not, comments don't offend me enough to take off a whole year's worth of blogging. Just that a restart was due and restart it is.
I am fine. You tell me. :)

moizshahzad said...

Oh, shukar! & since i'm not updating, i'd stopped stalking my own blog to read the comments, but after u'd commented (yes, i just couldnt resist the urge!), i had to come back to read what you'd replied...
so this is a restart after... marriage..???!!!-you'll just HAVE to clear that!

Anonymous said...

Ummm...errr...AWK...what happened to your blog? I refreshed the page twice wondering if it was my PC which acted up...:)


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