Monday, October 30, 2006


Ok, whoever said Bridezilla is something to be feared hasn't been invited to sis' wedding. At the moment I have to sneak off time from various tasks (read all work) and reply to emails from work. And attend calls, and answer to shouts for my name from all corners of teh house...and manage a couple of unruly kids. The mothers told me to make sure they behave themselves, so I give them a scolding from time to time. Now they are peeking in and whispering my name and running off giggling. Funny of course. Have to answer to another summons from Ma now. And have to go to the market to buy things for today's fucntion. Why are weddings such a complicated business and why did we all insist on doing all work ourselves becuase no one else's work would do for us?


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