Thursday, May 18, 2006

I never ever deliberately give a month or more's gap in post. it just happens. ther's not much for me to write. and i cant seem to find the effort to sit through an entire post. most of the times it's inanities like these that would end up on screen. perhaps it was teh name. isstarting anew sounded more like a dhukka start. and spiralling into silence i seem to have done already. should i change names just to see if being superstitious pays off once. i mean i change names and something happens that makes me post more often and hopefully, more coherent? yes, no, whatever, who cares waghera. and ends.


the olive ream said...

You must continue blogging. Your's is one of my favourite blogs. And I think your blog name is very unique and cool.. You can blog sporadically if you and when you feel like I do.

I also wanted to request you to register at:

Because your work deserve a much larger audience.


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