Monday, June 06, 2005

Mixed bag

Ok, so I was supposed to be on the road this weekend but Moiz beat me to it and went on a cross country trip Down Under. And posted pictures of all this amazing scenery that makes me green with envy. And I was supposed to be on the road. Never mind, my version of being on the road means packing a carry all and jetting to all capital cities of Pakistan’s provinces. It’s a work trip so there might or not be a travelogue. A tight itinerary it is what I have but I would love to take time out and sneak away to meet bloggers anywhere. Shoot off an email will you? And then I can return next week and plan and organize a Karachi bloggers meet. It is about time I put a face to all blog authors that I read.
On another note, it was interesting that fact that exactly five years after my all Pakistan trip in the final year of my Uni, I would be taking another all Pakistan trip. This time more so. And I have yet to organize and get together that crazy gang of 20 people who were on that memorable tour. And write down about that tour, as I have been promising myself and my tour mates for the past five years. Last night I took out pictures and went nostalgic all over again, ah those wonderful carefree days. I was on a budget and yet I managed to shop like crazy. And now I can shop like crazy but that layer of true/false sophistication and worldliness so essential to keeping up a professional fa├žade means I can’t act crazy anymore. Perhaps I would get down to writing about the ‘tour’ as I said, it is long due anyways. And with summers, as with every summer from 2000, it reminds me of that magical trek trip to Lake Saif ul Mulook. I mean, we could bend down and cup our hands for fresh, ice cold, crystal clear water any time we wanted a drink…just walking along with that bubbly stream leading way to the lake. If I can shake off laziness I can post pictures of scenic vistas to rival any. But more on that later.
For now it is this meme I have been tagged with.
*goes looking for the urdu post on memes on last deleted blog*

If I could be an athlete, and that would be a big if, I would have been a squash player and a swimmer par excellence. I just love the quick fire game of squash and of course the grace of body movements while gliding under water. Beach trips would have been so much fun then and no worries of adipose tissue excess just where it should not be.
If I could be a doctor, I would have been a surgeon. A general surgeon, perhaps even a trauma one. And to think all my teachers at high school so wanted me to become a surgeon. I was always called up for demonstrations, I had the most deft and light of dissecting hands, my biology teachers said. Yeah, never bothered asking what the frog(s) thought about my skill with the scalpel. Anyways, looking at my sister, I am ever so glad I did not jump on the medicine bandwagon and took (at that time) a road seldom taken.
If I could be a chef, now that would have been something and caused no less joy to my mother who insists on domesticating me and I try to wiggle out of culinary responsibilities as best as can be managed. And what I do manage to cook is barely fit for human consumption, I marvel at my own ability to survive after eating anything I have convinced myself into making. And my being a chef would have been such a delight to my family, at present when I want to be real mean to my brothers, I cook up something and watch them eat it. Revenge is a dish best served hot ;) If I could be a chef, I would have served absolutely amazing, all-halal, unforgettable eating experience cuisine. And it would have been a Michelin four star affair, my restaurant, where people would never have had to worry about ingredients. I mean I love good food but minding what goes into it does take out all the fun off an eating out experience. !

If I could be a lawyer I would have been with the UN, a special rappoteur on Media Affairs, civil rights or something similar. Failing that I would have been a high flying consultant with a international NGO registered with the ECOSOC of UN. Oh yes, UN is the culmination of all my career dreams.
If I could be a marine biologist…can’t think of anything better than what Moiz, the person who tagged me with this meme in the first place, has already said. For that swimming skills would have been a must, so two with one go. And I would have been snorkeling and diving and scouting all those exotic beach locales. Oh yes, I am a water creature through and through…and amphibian that can’t swim if you want. That can be changed though…I mean I am signing up for swimming classes one of these days.
And Moiz, you naughty child, you have tagged most people I know, who do I pass on the stick to?
Abez & Aniraz (Owl) they are a package deal
Devil’s Advocate

Added on June 7, 05: Road show starts today. Watch out for pics.


Anonymous said...

LOL AWK! I have been tagged by two people already AND have indulged in this chain - check out my blog's 30th May 2005 entry:)


A said...

yeah, i noticed that later.
But I tagged you still. so. I hope that clears me of passing on the stick to another two (instead of you and NJ).
What do the meme rules dictate?

sanchez said...

You never know about the quiet ones... hehe

Moiz said...

LOL! umm, u had to tag people who havn't done this meme yet...but anyway...i actually find some of these quite lame,frankly speaking...
so you WILL be posting the fotos from that old trip, & any that you take on the new one,right??& btw,you didnt even tell us that you got a job??!!Mubarkaan!(& 1 that involves a road trip at that!)
I feel SO left out (& alittle jealous too) whenever bloggers talk of a blogger-meet...!when will I be part of one such meet...??sigh...!
so what do the brothers do toavenge that awk-cooked meal??!!surely, it cant be that bad...??!!
& you acually liked dissecting those frogs??(how elsecouldyou explain being good at the job?)-I didnt ever had to doany such thing at skool-took commerce...:( but my sister hated cutting up the cockroach-she'dlearned the anatomy-the whole diagram, & drew it without touching her roach!lol!

NJ said...

yaaheeee.. ive been tagged by two people, ive to do something about it :S

"It is about time I put a face to all blog authors that I read." Moi!? LOL :D

Devil's Advocate said...

Hey when did i become a blogger ? i only i dont qualify for all this....:P

baj said...

ok, awk, i've met my duties and i believe that the meme rules dictate that you can never pass me the stick again. ever. unless it has to do with music/movies/books. :)

A said...

Sanchez: ah, that is another entry on its own...on my being quiet.
Moiz: What?? Don't worry. Knowing myself, you never know when I might be flying anywhere. Just the idea takes root and it happens one fine day. My bros drive me around to avenge of the food torture. And that shows how regular a reader you have been. I posted that I landed a job, how could i miss on that?!
NJ: Why LOL? I do want to meet all bloggers I read.
DA: You are an honorary(sp?) blogger. And you need to update anyways.
Baj: Hey, you custmoized the meme to your liking already. Or was that allowed?

baj said...

aye, i sure did! the link on H's blog directed me to someone else's blog where the rules were quite clearly laid out. :P

moiz said...

yeah, i remember your feelings regarding being driven around by your brothers.lekin i really did miss the job post!sorry baba!

A said...

that's dumb.
where's my update?

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