Saturday, June 18, 2005

Time check

There should be 30 hours in a day and weekends should be three days.
I have some three people waiting to kill me and if I have irked you in any way, feel free to join the line.
I hope your week has been and weekend will be better than mine.


Moiz said... does that mean that you've brought back work for the weekend as well???awww....!!!& yes, the days should be 30hours, the additional hours for an extension of night/sleep???

Hypocrisy Thy Name said...

You have yet to tell me about isstarting. A class-fellow of mine in 8th class used to read school as iss-kool, speak as iss-peek. He was from CP.

Now, why are you "Mushkil Pasund" (one who likes diffult things), viz., Lahore to Islamabad by air, 5* hotel, iss-tarting, akvetcher, etc ?

What language or what vegetable / fruit is akvetcher ? I think that I saw such names in Turkey.

Royalty Personified said...

i thought akvetcher... was a bigri huwi form of equator... LOL :P

i managed to post the tag finally, if u wanna check it out! :)

Anonymous said...

Even if there were I doubt our work load would get any lesser:)

Pseudo Genius!

A said...

Moiz: Yes. Work on weekend. Sad isn't it?
Sir H: Actually I have got two friends from up North (Punjab and Kashmir to be specific) who made fun of me as a Karachi'ite no end. Their profound observation being that Karachi walas have a tendency to add an honoring 'i' or alif when urdu'ising any english word, like iskool, istart, aspatal (hospital) etc. Of course I protested but have to admit they were right. So, here I embrace my Karachi'ness. In any case I do have a CP ancestry.
Akvetcher is a compund I like to think is to my credit. Kvetch is yiddish for whining/complaining. AK being my initials, I thought I could get away with akvetcher, what with this being a kvetch-log in its previous incarnation and all. You been to Turkey? That's a dream place for of these days I am going to go and live there. Do share your Turkish experiences with us if possible.
NJ: hey thanks. And see above for an explantion on akvetcher. It is not equator, child.
H/PGenius: I know, but there's no harm in wishing for it anyways.
tc all.

Virtuous Lady said...


Weekends should be five days and weekdays should be two days. And okay, there should be 30 hours in a day. Send me to outerspace, give me a huge stick or something and I'll do something to the earth's rotation speed after doing some mathematical calculations. All our dreams will come true. ^_^

And inshAllah, we all will have great weekends.

SHAPER said...

i don't think its a good idea

A said...

Dear Question marks,
what. is. not. a. good. idea?

Hypocrisy Thy Name said...

How should I believe that you are a Karachiite ? No. No. You are too simple to be a Karachiite. May be good culture of your ancestors has not diluted. I had written Bi Bi of Urdu and then your name as A. It read as B.B.A. so, as a joke, I wrote “You are not Bachelor of Business Administration.

I do not like your friends taking on you for pronunciation. It was not a good thing to do. “I” was made prefix to S only in some area of CP and in some area of UP. Pronunciation varies with areas. I know some areas in Punjab and Jammu & Kashmir where they pronounce “very” as “bery”. In some area of Punjab, they read Iftikhar as Istihar. In Bengal and a few other places in India they read Jameel as Zaamil and Zebra as Jebra. There are some words which are not correctly pronounced in Sind or Baluchistan or NWFP as well. So what ?

I have been to Turkey twice but it is an old story now. Allah has made Turkey a beautiful country. It is worth visiting but, perhaps, may not be that good for living.

A said...

Your comments make me want to blog more often.
I was reading through your Jammu and Kashmir stories. a gripping tale. You are older than my Old man, more my taya's age. But more tech-friendly.
I look forward to reading some of your turk memoirs.
Frankly, i like listening to old tales.
the thing is i hva hounded Pa, and granpa and uncles enough already and now i want diversity...of places, ages, times and all.
I guess i am an old old soul. actually.
never mind my friends. They are who make life livable for me. and I had my ways of getting back at them. I mean I can be vicious and was. So.

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