Friday, January 10, 2003

What to do?

I always took this blog to be a reflection of my state of mind as I typed away an entry, and that ranged from some preachy ones to rosy rhetoric, from vitriol to supine, gloss to personal…it was, in all, what I thought, truth as I saw it, and when I saw it. But yesterday as I talked to an old and learned friend, she tried to inject some cyber wariness in me, trying to convince that revealing, nay, advertising blatantly where and what I do for work (or otherwise), isn’t that great an idea. And I did start having some doubts about my obsession with truth, about my life on the ‘Net. This was despite the fact that I had not for the past few days, written anything personal and kept myself to commenting on what was in news and what should have been and was not. But that wasn’t exactly the aim behind this blog and so, to hell with security and privacy concerns. I have not exercised this degree of freedom of speech and expression ever since I was three. Before that I could cry my heart out, say anything that I wanted to and once school started, I was drilled in what was right to say and what was not, all the while limiting my freedom to speak what was on my mind. But I could think unbridled and that I did with relish, so much so that now I feel more comfortable thinking and talking to myself, thus earning the name Soliloquist, for that is when I have no worry or care in this world of what others may think. But it also means that most of my thoughts remain within the safe confines of my mind and the mankind is deprived of some highly intelligent thoughts ;) All the same, writing is the next best thing that I can do without any restraint whatsoever, but then too, to see it in print means that chunks of it are chucked out in the wider reader interest. So where does that leave me, if I can’t speak my thoughts aloud, not all at least, and can’t write anything without accepting ‘editorial’ changes? Then there is the word limit thing, anything that I write has to be at least 700 plus words, preferably 1000 to be trimmed to 700, and despite my ‘waywordedness’, there are times when I don’t think like writing as much and that is what I love best about blogging, I can write what I want, as much as I want and whenever I want. So there : P And yes, I came across a subscription service yesterday and ever eager to experiment, got myself one. My siblings think that I had no such need as I write/blog on a daily basis and anyone who is interested (snigger) in reading this, may know that as well. And so, all they would have to do is log on each day and read away, there being no need for having inboxes inundated with reminders that there's been a new post on The Soliloquist. I refuse to give in though, so the subscription thing stays, with other things I deem good enough to grace The Soliloquist.


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