Thursday, January 23, 2003

It's a good thing there was a temporary technical glitch that kept me from pouring the most vicious of outburts here. It was so bad, my desperate situation, that I just wanted to walk out of this place. And never come back. It's that maddening, slowy gnawing at my sanity. But then again, if I don't pour it here, what would I do? Would it were that a recorder recorded each utterance, the people here could surely be taken to the courts. They are that conflicting. One day its one thing and the very second day, nay hour, the statement changes. And it drives me so mad that I feel like crying. Breaking down right here, sitting in this rotten seat at this God forsaken Office. After a shaking off the matter of my leave to go for that Human Right's Training course in Bangkok, today my boss tells me that it would be difficult, so soon after my joining, and in any case I would first have to talk to that HR bastard of a manager. That jerk of the highest order is nowhere to be found. And I can't apply for the visa without a letter that I work in this loser organisation! And it's just a week left for me to take that confirmed flight to BKK. What am I to do. Please pray for me and my limited sanity, I need it, desperately.


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