Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Oh what a day!

After a sleepless and fitfull night, woke up and called up the DTP partners in BKK, shed off all my worries onto their Thai shoulders and waited for a call. Thankfully my contact in Sydney did call me up and for now the trip seems to be guying...coming.. in the right direction. So I may still be heading off to Bangkok. :D On a not so happy note, and to further cement his b******dly attitude, the HR Manager has a chance meeting with me yesterday when I was going out for lunch. And His Mightiness, in an of hand way, inquired if I had received my appointment letter. Of course, I have revelations, and ilham... anyways, went down and the appt letter turned out to be a slap in my face!!! It had the very terms and conditions that I had objected to and was assured that the delay was only because they were fixing that up! What was I do do except tell them that the conditions were not satisfactory for me and I WILL NOT sign the damn contract and I will go off for 3 weeks, do what you can to stop me! If you can give me hell, so can I :P


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