Thursday, September 28, 2006


So I have worked up a snit. And it’s actually fun. So much so that it’s more fun than a snit is legally allowed to be. And that makes it a fun activity instead of a snit and then I work up a snit that my snit is not snitty enough. Or fun enough.


iabhopal said...

Snit and fun ?

You are a minor two foot high and 105 years old. What is the age of an adult in your plannet ?

A said...

I am not two feet high. I am actually tall for my age, a giant. and I am all of three feet and three inches, at 105 years I am but a babe, so you're right about the minor part. Average age back home is 1025 years. Earthen years, so I have very good chances of lasting to your next millenium.

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