Thursday, September 14, 2006

I am not a shopoholic

No seriously, I don’t think I have reached the stage where I shop like a maniac and end up buying things I won’t ever get to wear. I mean how much of me is there anyways? Just two feet and I can carry just one bag at a time. But I’ve had a bag fetish for as long as I can remember. Bags, the bigger, splashier the better. Only recently I’ve learnt how absolutely enjoyable shoe shopping can be. And this from a person who not so long ago wore Bata school shoes to work (at a leading fashion magazine, no less; and after having taken a nasty fall while practicing a ‘style-must-have’ myself) and still wears ugly clutzy half-mocs to work (with matching bobby socks of course).

I realised the other day that I do have a size-able collection of footwear. Dizzying platforms, clunky block heels, flirty kitten heels and a variety of flats. I have a fear of heights, so heels are actually a no-no (Ma pleads with me to NOT buy heels lest I fall and am bed-ridden for a couple of days) but I can manage a not so graceful splat in flats just as well. Why discriminate disgrace on the basis of heels? Equal opportunity and all.

Anyway. I am not a shopoholic because I don’t get an urge to go out ans spend money. But if I do happen to go to a place where things are sold…and they accept plastic, well, I don’t see why I am to blame. I take it a very serious responsibility, to keep the buck in circulation. And if some banks think I am financially solvent and trust-worthy enough it becomes a matter of living up that trust. I don’t think I run a risk of seeing my statements in red, my credit limit is kind of obscene.

So I am not a shopoholic. I spend within my limits. So I only buy books, online, and from bookstores and fairs, that I will read some time or the other in my life. And I’ve run out of book space in my room. If I invest in another bookshelf, it would not make sense to see empty shelves on it, some books to read and some to fill space. Of course any one else’s books mine won’t do, else it won’t be MY bookshelf.

I am still not a shopoholic. I mean it’s only common knowledge that you have to colour/shade coordinate your shoes and bags and wardrobes…and scarves in my case. So it’s actually a necessity in my case, an investment. Who knows when that ghastly shade of green chapal may come in handy because I’ve bought a suit with small flowers in the same colour. And I am a career woman, I need a good wardrobe. New clothes don’t remain new the moment you wear them…and woman should always have new clothes to spark up her mood. So.

I am not a shopoholic, every woman in her right mind knows it’s criminally insane and certifiable madness to step out of the house without a mascara. So three types of mascara to suit the mood and occasion are but a minimum requirement. And you do actually need eye liners in a multitude if shades and formulas…pencil ones, liquid ones depending on the look. I believe in being well-prepared for all situations. I mean what if I decide to wear a dress on which a bronzy blush would be definite no-no? So mochas and lilacs and pinks are other options. Most of the times I go for the no-make up look, because it’s easy and does not take time. (Wash face, step out, means buying facial cleansers and skin care essentials as skin moods dictate.)

See these are all but the bare essentials. And I don’t buy like crazy. All sensible buys. And I don’t have to hide my credit statements from my mother or smuggle new footwear in the house while Pa’s not looking. Or want to slap that silly smirk off my brothers face. In such times, I’m glad I have a sister who understands. Because she knows that I am not a shopoholic.


Technocat said...

Lets go and buy some needs it

knicq said...

That missy is an update... and an excellent one at that. Keep 'em coming...and I might just send you ANQ snaps from her first day at school...:)

A said...

ANQ snaps are NOT a bargaining tool.

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