Saturday, July 16, 2005


Why did the rooster cross the road?
It waited and waited till it thought it was too grown up to answer this question.

Wish I was not lazy to not take out my camera and photograph this crowned fowl proudly strutting about mid road.


iabhopal said...

Really, you missed it.

VL said...

This is your second post titled 'Why'. What's with you?? ^_^

A said...

Sir: I know, the ? is would I be forgiven for this gross oversight?
VLady: No, dear. the last post had 'why' in teh text. this is the first 'why' titled post on V3 of K-log.
next step can or not be why in blog description and ultimately may or not lead to chaning the name of this blog.

Knicq said...

...and you must think this is funny!

Why did the road let the rooster cross it?

Here's another update for you:

Why did the fly buzz into our waited and waited till it thought it was too buzzed up to answer this question.

Thank God I did not waste any reel on the filthy rascal.

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