Friday, July 01, 2005

of MMM and prayers

While growing up I had a firm belief that there was an MMM, Muttahida Muhaz against Me (United front against me) with Pop at its helms and his sons all eager office bearers. Mom and sis were honorary members, with teachers being called on invite. So, the whole world, as I knew it, ganged up against me. Of course at that time my world was limited too. Cut to present when I know that the world is a huge place and has many many people in it (yes, that’s a ten year old’s speak) and it still feels the same way. Look at this one for instance. Pop’s bro, my CJ is taking his whole family for Umrah, his sister, my PJ is going with him. And I give her a list of special duas for me: As follows:
That I get a job at the UN Secretariat in NY and work my way up towards being the first woman, Muslim and youngest Secretary General who arm twists all these stupid world leaders into straightening up their act.
Or I get head hunted to a top slot by some TN NGO that does actual work and I am part of something big and meaningful.
Or I get selected as a UN Special Rappoteur on Media Affairs and go about the world talking some sense into the otherwise money minded myopic media moguls.
Or I find a sponsor for my dream project which, expanding internationally, leads to the above.
Oh, did I mention I wanted to have a Nobel Peace Laureate suffixed to my name?
Or I land an enviable job at the BBC and move to London, preferably as a travel correspondent so that I get to see the world. Extended paid vacation.
Or I win a jackpot and can retire somewhere in Northern Pakistan and churn out one profound work of words after the other, leading to a Nobel Prize or at least a Booker.
Or that I get a real scholarship and actually pursue it for higher studies at an institute known for its program. That of course paves way for all of the above but the last, which can be a stand alone. And this would be the most urgent, most needed prayer.
And the list continues.
But, what does my PJ threaten me with? That she would pray for me. And I know what that would be. So, now, it’s my prayers against hers. And my Mom and Pop’s and Grandma and Grandpa’s and uncles’ and aunts’ and cousins’ and friends’ and colleagues’ and well wishers’. If all these people wish one thing for me and the course I have charted for my life is entirely different from it, what does it mean? I was right all along. There is an MMM. The whole bloody world is conspiring against me.


Saeed said...

LOL!!!so they're gonna pray for THAT,huh?well, rest assured,I think u should know that even i'll be praying for you-& I wont b alone,i should have atleast knicq bhai with me if not the rest of the gang...?!
I actually asked saadat if he bugged u abt THAT when he got to meet you, but he said that he forgot,...but he did say that he wud surely ask u abt it, the next time he meets u, provided tab tak humlogon ki dua qubool na hui ho to...
tee hee heee....!!!

Hypocrisy Thy Name said...

I cannot pray all those little stupid things for you. Mind ?
You are not that bad that I pray such lowly things for you ?

I pray for your good health, prosparity and successful life full of satisfaction and pleasure. And you do not need any more.

Answer to your comment on fate of Jammu Kashmir later.

Hypocrisy Thy Name said...

Ref Your comment on my blog

You are right. One after the other dictatorships in our country purged the country of leaders and did not allow new to grow.

Dividing Jammu Kashmir in to 7 states means going back to 13th cencury and before when there were 7 states who, all the time, fought among themselves.

Then from the example of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, you know that it can not live as an independent state, especially while having two rival countries in the neighbourhood.

Under the Musharraf formula Jammu totally goes to India. How can Muslims of Jammu agree to this after having lost about 130,000 lives in 1947 because they passed Accession to Pakistan Resolution.

Please continue reading narration of incidents in my blog then you may be able to understand it better.

A said...

Saeed, you Saadat's friend? Why didn't you come along with him then? i would have known what face to look for and thrash some sense into the next time you made such an insolnet comment!
Sir, why, how are these stupid things that i wish for? these are actual duas i tell you.

Saeed said...

LOL!& i forgot to ask u abt that answer to the comments u gave in d last post(d 1 where Mr Awk supposedly defended his wife...)...LOL!& umm,yes, i am saadat's friend(but it wasnt physically possible for me to meet u dat day...),waise,i used to think dat i was awk's friend too...:(

A said...

awww, you are of course.
and what mr. awk?
i am awk, mr, ms. mrs all. :P

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