Monday, September 01, 2003

Traffic woes in Sharjah

This Sharjah traffic is such a nightmare. We left my place at about ten past eight, went around circles for nearly an hour before managing to clear the Galadari Underpass. The usual 45 minutes drive from Sharjah to Dubai Media City took double the time…one and a half hour! That is one of the pitfalls of opting for residence in Sharjah. All the same, I can never bring myself to live in Dubai. For some odd reason, the city seems to be suffocating to me. It makes me feel insecure, as if I am lost in a place I am not sure off. As if the whole city is balanced on my head and leaves me with no space…Sharjah seems more like home, friendlier, decent, livable, not to mention affordable. Still on a lookout for a place of my own. Have many options. Al Nahda is seems to be a good place but it is so far removed from main Sharjah, even the cabbie takes ten dirhams from there. The only plus point is that the apartments there are cheaper. The closest place to go out to being Sahara Mall. The other one is in Al Khan, new buildings, well within the range of my pocket, but not a much populated area, not sure if I would like to venture out at night by myself, to Al Tawun Mall, the closest place to head to…No again then. The last and my most favored option is a residence in Al Majaz. I love the area. It is right in the heart of the city, nice, decent people living in there, close to Sharjah Corniche and Al Majaz Park, I can go out for walks each night. The City Centre is walking distance and most of all, it is a straight road towards Al Mulla Plaza, the notorious border point of Dubai and Sharjah. My biggest concern in here, well the apartments are priced a bit on the high side, I don’t mind paying more for quality, as long as I can FIND some place in the area!


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