Friday, September 05, 2003

Brand new mobile...well almost...

I got meself a new mobile number today. A loss of 185+30 Dirhams. I had foolishly blocked my previous sim. Lesson to all: Don't vere fool with the security settings of your mobile sets.
The friend I had got my cell number (sim card) from was a true pillar of salt, left me to my own when I needed her help. If a friend in need is a friend indeed...does it mean she is no longer my friend? Since she was the one who had gotten it for me, only she could have gotten it unblocked but she said she could not do so, gave me some cock and bull the end I was inaccessible for more than 10 days, apart from the time I spent in the office. Very inconvenient, ask my parents!
While still on mobile woes, check out this post on mobile security. Hope it does good for many.

On another note a friend from back home remarked that I don't write the way I used to. I admit, my posts here aren't that creative exactly, it has become so mundane, more of a kvetch diary than what I had so thoughtfully and lovingly named myslef as when I started this blog you think I should change it to...boring, ordinary useless online grumblings?
see what I mean, I am no longer creative enough to think up of a good enough title!!
and to think that I was once a journalist with more than 10 bylines per week!!
Shame on me then...


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