Sunday, February 02, 2003

I still can't belive that I am here in BKK. Well again, perhaps my protesting stomach shud jolt me to reality. All day yesterday I survived on a packet of Marie biscuits I had the aqal to bring with me. That and the sole tin of Pineapple juice that was there in the room frigde. And today was no better. Still partly starving. Why are the Thais so fond of pork, and octopuses and serpent heads, among other things? Still have to search out a muslim halal food serving place cuz the food here is...Yech! And even if it is not then the smell of it is really off putting...And to add to it, the very place selling some edible looking stuff in the morning, as we walked to this cafe tonight, had a dog being pampered by its owner, one never knows what one may end up eating... Went to the Chatuchuk Market and beared the smells there. The place is quite nice but I have a doubt that they charged us more, us being foreigners. (Yes, there is a place where the green passport is categorized as 'Foreign'!). Ah so much to shar of today's adventures ans so littlte time, Till next time... Ciao. (I still don't know the farewell in Thai :)


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