Sunday, February 16, 2003


What a day, days sorry. I have only today logged onto the Web after Eid, not because I didn't want to but because I couldn't. It isn't easy dishing out 25 bahts per hour use of the 'Net when I have never in my entire 'connected' life paid even a pai for it! And I don't want to sound like a kvetch, even while admitting that I am, at times guilty of being one, but...Well there is a whole lot of things I don't like and want to report and bitch about but the blasted time limit again. On another note I, proverbially, asked for it. This trip to BKK I mean, and while there is so much happening each day and so much that I would like to post here, somehow the very idea of coming to a cafe after a mentally draining albeit stimulating training sessions and typing on an alien keyboard saps and sucks, resulting in ignoring this cyber love of mine. Even now, when I would like to go on and on and on, I don't somehow feel upto it, with so much to tell and this 'brain drain', but once I am back, there would be no point in posting long pieces of verbosity with no appreciation of the hard word work, which even now isn't anything to write home about. Since the last post I have become quite good at finding my way around the city, with a bit of urdu, punjabi, english and lots of mime. Have taught some choicest Urdu words to two very darling Indonesian girls, bakwaas band karo (Shut Up!) and gandi bachi (Bad Girl!) and they, in a classic Frankestinian case, throw it my way quite liberally. I have wasted on whole roll on meaningless unartistic photographs and the second roll is just only fine, will have to spend yet more moolah on getting copies of others pix... and if this post seems disconcerted and not my usual self, that is becuase I AM NOT my usual self, the Thais don't drink water, they drink crushed ice and give the same to everyone and that has left me with what I think is tonsillitis. The food story is still a tale best not told, and well, again this is life and I had asked for it.


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