Monday, February 25, 2008


A book related tag? These days? Luckily there is enough reading fodder littered round the house for me to get out of this with some respectability vis a vis my reading habits.
The closest book I had is 'The World is Flat; a brief history of the twenty first century' by NYTimes staffer Thomas Friedman. I started on the book quite ambitiously but have not yet gotten round to reaching page 123. Let's see what it says...

For a brief time, he (John Seigenthaler Sr.) was thought to have been directly involved in the Kennedy assasinations of both John, and his brother Bobby. Nothing was ever proven.

This is about an entry on wikipedia. One of these days I would eventually finish off this book and start on Freakonomics and Ideas: From Fire to Freud. Intelligent reads that look impressive sitting and gathering dust on the bookshelf. Now whom to tag...I've been out of the blogging scene sooooo long and such a lethargic being these days, even thinking five names is such a task. Can the tag end here please?


Saadat said...

You forgot to post the third sentence. But I guess I'll read it myself when Abbu ji finishes reading The World Is Flat -- he tells me every evening that I "must read" that book. Also, he cannot help but discuss whatever he has read that day with my elder bro, who recommended the book to Abbu ji in first place.

And you know what, Freakonomics is another book that my bro intends to give to Abbu ji once he's finished with The World Is Flat. Coincidences rule my world these days.

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