Monday, November 13, 2006

I don’t mind marriages, honestly, I don’t; but weddings are absolutely abhorable. Why would two otherwise reasonable and passably decent people want to exhibit themselves is beyond me. If I were to say 'Physician, heal thyself' now, it would only be too true. We have the newly wed couple paying house-call on us, Ma and Pa and two mean bros have conveniently fallen ill to justify the two day doctors' stay. Me? I am too exhausted to even complain of anything but I do now that I am beginning to hate sis and my brand new BiL; a BiL who fits the 'bro' bill perfectly, the sly, mean, smugly vain specimen of mankind that he is...only my parents could have ended up with SiLs who rock the mean-ness scale and are a constant threat to their sons' elevated mean-green status.

I am not too tired to NOT kvetch, it seems. Oh well.


Saadat said...

Do you mind if I take notes? There's a wedding coming up in this home too.


Saadat said...

It might appear Greek to you, but I thought that you'd find it interesting.


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