Wednesday, November 30, 2005

two past four

It kicked off with The Soliloquist, and I poured out all my thoughts onto this blog. Then came The Soliloquist's Kvetch-log/K-log and entries did justice to the name, all whining and kvetchings and cathartic typed outbursts. And then was Spiralling into Silence. So it's this silence on this blog that is now deafening, maddening. Makes me mad at least. Even the picture gives the impression of an abandoned spot...perhaps I wanted to make it cozier and went to fetch a cushion and forgot coming back? Duniya ne teri yaad se begaana ker diya/Tujh se bhi dilfareb hain ghum rozgaar ke.
Of all things I could write/blog about, nothing makes it past the confines of a random arrangement of cells I have tightly packed in my cranium. Excess of grey matter, or so I hope.
I have a whole list of things/projects that need to be done. Papier mache, decoupage, feng shui, paper making, trips to the tailor, readings, writings...So.
Saw Taj Mahal last night. The cable operator had put on a bootlegged DVD for our consumption. Trash, absolute trash, kitsch. Apart from Sonia Jehan, Noorjehan's grand daughter, there was nothing in teh movie to live up its hype. and Sonia was saved by her radiant complexion. her beauty is too bland. what irked me no end was Kim Sharma's antics as Ladli Begum. Puhlease, mughal ladies, especially princesses and Queen wannabes were not sluts! They did not pout or over-work their facial muscles. they did not have such way-below average faces. The only reason she bags a role in any acting project is becuase she prefers near-none clothing; in a role where she had to be properly, royally attired and present just a face for public consumption (ahem) she falls flat on her flat face! Pooja Batra as NoorJehan? Give me a huge break, in fact go break the producer, director and publicist's legs. What were they thinking? Zulfi as Prince Khurram...what a yawn and shame. What a waste of a good hour and half; i could not watch any more than that. Treatment, sets, acting, all, everything was banal, below average.

I realise I have a lot of tags to take up. For now I tagged myself from SE's blog and here goes:

. p . e . r .s . o . n . a . l .
-name: A. K
-birthday: mid October, last millennium, am that old.
-siblings: enough
-shoe size: varies, could be anything between a midget 5 to a huge 7.
-height: about average. Ranges between 5 4 and 5 5.

. r . e . l . a . t . i . o . n . s . h . i . p . s .
-who are your best or really close friends? It would be mean to say keep changing, so erm…my absolutely closest friend has to be M, me ikloti sis. The best part about having your sis as your best friend is that you never have to look an inch beyond the room in times of need. Next in line would be Mom, much as I want to, I simply can’t keep anything from her, and Pa, by proxy, except for my bank and credit cards statements…trailing close by would be my band of crack-pot brothers. There’s nothing like them in the whole world. In the usual friend sense, W and Bhai would top the list, in order of recency, then there would be N and A, going back it would be S and U and a decade ago it was T, R and R. B would also be listed, considering we’ve been friends since day one, my day one in this world, she’s a cousin nine months older than me. Does it say what I think it says?

-do you have a boyfriend/spouse: Is none an option? It should be, by choice.

f. a . s . h . i . o . n . s . t . u . f . f .
-where is your favorite place to shop: Too many to list. But I would rate the weekend, Chatuchuk Market in Bangkok as top of my list.

s . p . e . c . i . f . i . c . s .
-what kind of shampoo do you use?: Anything that suits fine to nearly non-existent hair
-what are you most scared of?: Failure
-who is the last person that called you?: A colleague
-where do you want to get married?: Hmm, now this is tricky…I have to agree to get married and then specify a place, right? Or can I do a Runaway Bride? In that case I would have a long list of places I’d like to get married at and not.
-how many buddies are online right now?: Know what, I am not online myself. IM is not instant enough for me. I’d rather call.
-what would you change about yourself?: I am happy the way I am. Well, most of the times, and if I would want to change anything about myself, this is not the place I’d be listing ‘em all!

f . a . v . o . r . i . t . e . s .
-color: mauves and lavenders and lilacs and pastels, and rose pinks…a pale palette.
-food: Anything with chocolate, and sheesh tawook, and French fries.
-subjects in school: English and Urdu, though I was equally good at all subjects. Yeah, comes with being a straight A student. How boring is that?
-hobbies: Not having a hobby counts? I think, a lot. And laze about, and when in mood, yak and yak and yak. At times I read.

h . a . v . e . y . o . u . e . v . e . r .
-given anyone a bath?: yeah, loved playing mom to a host of li’l cousins. Needless to say, real moms loved our juvenile ministrations. Child labour, now that I think of it.
-smoked: Oh yeah, smoked and quit. All in three days, how grown-up is that?
-bungee jumped?: want to, bad.
-ever been in love?: Oh yeah, so many times, lost count of it. That bag, those shoes, that mascara, that rouge!
-made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: nyah, too childish. Never been a child enough to cry except when was a child and did cry.
-cried when someone died?: yeah.
-lied: Wish I could, but I am cursed. Even a blind bat can tell when I make an attempt at lying. So I chicken out. It’s a skill all rusty not being used.
-used someone?: as in manipulate, of course, what decent woman worth her heels hasn’t? *bats eyes*

. c . u . r . r . e . n . t .
-music: Yar ko hum ne ja baja dekha (Abida Parveen)
-make-up: These days, tinted SPF moisturizer, rouge, clear mascara and gloss are staple. I skip a proper breakfast in the mornings to slather all that on the limited amount of surface area made available to me for the prupose. Dress up with eye shades. Love make up!
-annoyance: Ah, too many to list. But I hate, loathe, abhor repetitions. Urghhh!
-desktop picture: It’s a wonderful sun rising over a cloudy Dubai skyline. Can’t believe I was ever up that early to get such a picture.
-book you're reading: Now and Then by Joseph Heller, Miranmar by Naguib Mahfouz and Zen Attitude by Sujata Massey.
-in cd player: Lemme see. Dang! It’s jammed because of no-use.
-in DVD player: *yawn*

l . a . s . t . p . e . r . s . o . n .
-you hugged: A colleague, it was her b’day.
-you yelled at: Bro.
-who yelled at you: Bro, he can’t take my nakhras early in the morning.

. a . r . e . y . o . u .
-understanding: Oh yeah, or such is the impression I want others to have;)
-open-minded: A bit too much. It’s more of an open plan mind that I have.
-insecure: Should I be? Why? Who are you? Why you asking such questions? *Mommmee*
-interesting: Yes, very. Stay away!
-hungry: Mine is more specific hunger. SO I’d be hungry for a sandwich or chocolate cookies and so on.
-smart: Oversmart.
-moody: Could be.
-hard working: Depends.
-organized: I wish!
-healthy with eating: *burp*
-shy: No b way!! *blushes*
-difficult: Depends, there are a whole lot of things I would not compromise on.
-attractive: Depends on my mood, I can manage to look anything I like.
-bored easily: *yawn* next question please.
-messy: now that would be understatement. I live in an organized clutter, Feng Shui can take my chi right out the window in my relationship corner, mind it doesn’t trip over the stack of laundered clothes I would get round to putting back in my wardrobe one of these days.
-obsessed: About forgetting. I live to make it a point to remember something and conveniently, religiously forget it.

. r . a . n . d . o . m .
-in the morning i am: sleepy and cranky
-love is: over abused, over stated and a whole lot of overs.
-i dream about: getting some more sleep *yawn*

. o . p . p . o . s . i . t . e . s . e . x .
-what do you notice first: Hair line, eyes and nose. I hate it when men have such perfect noses and skins and glorious hair. What's the point? It's wasted on them anyways.
-makes you laugh the most: Sitting down with me siblings and making fun of each other, making fun of anyone. Such sessions crack me up.
-makes you smile: Me crazy family and their antics and time out with friends. Actually I smile, a lot. Very indiscriminatory smile. And considering the crooked set of dentures I have, mean bro insists I have some cheek to do that.
-who do you have a crush on: Right now, I have this huge crush on Hugh Glendenning, a character in Zen Attitude. Think I can find a real life version, in erm, real life?
-who has a crush on you: Now that should be interesting. I think all the neighborhood cats have a huge crush on me. Nothing keeps them from serenading at my window come night time, not even random shoes and rocks to shoo them away.

. d . o . y . o u . e . v . e . r .
-sit on the internet all night waiting for that someone special to IM you?: Never been online when I could be sleeping!
-wish you were a member of the opposite sex?: Eww! No wait, I do envy guys with good hair and noses and skins, is that the same as I wishing I was them? *thinks* Seriously, there are times when I think men have it easy, ludicrously easy, criminally, yeah...
-wish you were younger: Not really.
-cried because someone said something mean to you?: No. Not that I can think of.

.n . u . m . b . e . r .
-of times i have had my heart broken: can I go in minuses?
-of hearts i have broken: Limbs, all those cats and the projectiles they face in their catty efforts to woo me…
-of tight friends: 4, I think
-of cds i own: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…

. f . i . n . a . l . q . u . e . s . t . i . o . n . s .
-do you like filling these out?: why else did I take it up?
-gold or silver: gold plated silver suits me fine.
-what was the last film you saw at the movies? Koi Tujh Sa Kahan
-favorite cartoon/anime? I remember this anime that used to come on Star Plus way back in 1993-4, and Muppet Babies, and Captain Planet…
-what did you have for breakfast this morning?: Was in a rush, just a cup of tea. Skipped breakfast in favor of an exact seven minutes layering on me face.
-who would you love being locked in a room with?: Books, lots and lots of them, and a DVD player and loads of movies. I can live by proxy, right?
-could you live without your computer?: I have lived without a PC and survived, so yeah. -would you color your hair?: Chemicals not allowed, but I do dye my hair with henna, love that shade of red.
-could you ever get off the computer?: No problemo.
-habla espanol? Nyah.
-how many people are on your buddy list?: somewhere between 25~30.

-Missed school because it was raining: bunked classes, yes, requested teachers to let us off, yes, request friends’ teachers to let them off yes. Rain does that to me, it must be criminal to stay indoors when it rains.
-Put a body part on fire for amusement: Now that’s an idea. Whose body part could it be?

-Kept a secret from everyone: No. If all people I know get together, they would have all my life before them. Almost.
-cried during a movie: Nah! teary-eyed at the most, but not actually cried.
-been on stage: too many times to list…and I hate mikes, I mean I can be loud enough but hate hearing my own voice jeering at me from the sound system.
-Been sarcastic?: aha! *raises eyebrow* 'One of these days your eyebrows would refuse to come down', so says mean bro, meanly.

Movie: E.T.
Ice Cream: *drools* gimme all!
Person: hmm, family and friends? All of them, yes.

-Do you have a soul mate?: and that means?
-Who have u known the longest of your friends: B, she’s been my friend since me birthday, and she’s still around. That we don’t talk or see each other much is another story.
-Who's the loudest: B and W would tie for that one!
-Who has seen you cry: B, but that’s only because she’s been around for ever.
-What is/are the best feeling(s) in the world?: Feeling sleepy and hitting the bed!
Being driven around. Time out with friends, bargain shopping/hunting with friends and actually bagging a bargain, and yeah, traveling to a new city.


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