Monday, January 19, 2004

Have your Hijab ban and don it too

Frankly speaking I don’t see any hopes of the French revoking their ban of Headscarves/Hijabs. When has any govt. taken back any of its laws? At the most there is an amendment to placate the protesting masses. So here is the amendment I suggest to the French govt. and in my humble reckoning, it is quite workable too. Instead of banning headscarves, the French Govt. should ban ‘starched’ headscarves. These stiffy bits of square cloth, doubled into a triangle, are so difficult to manage aren’t they? I would know. Why did I ever decide on donning this attire this morning? My otherwise lifeless hair seem to have gotten a life of their own and insist of playing peek-a-boo both on my forehead and the back. After being smothered by a starched safety-pinned dupatta they lie down low a bit and then spring into action. Now isn’t this a cause of much concern?? How many minutes must a starched hijab clad lady must have to waste in her vain attempts to rein in unruly hair. And however much of an anguish laden exercise it must be to battle with a starchy hijab and force it to do its supposed job i.e. cover the head entirely and not join the hair in its erstwhile quest for freedom and more air even if polluted/corrupted? An unstarched Hijab means not having Bad-Hair-Days, ever, whereas a starched hijab robs one of this bonus and also adds to the problem to such an extent that when you do take off the hijab at the end of the day, the person staring at you in the mirror looks more like an Einstein forehead up and onwards. How does that add to feminine vanity? So banning starched headscarves will see to it that no woman is ever subjected to a bout of unnecessary angst and self torture by tearing madly at her hair. Both sides win too. The French can smugly sit aside and say that they effectively banned hijab, while the pro-hijab camp can do a :P and say thank you Monsieur Chirac for having rid us of the oppressive starch!


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