Thursday, May 22, 2008

Month two into mommy hood

All baby books, guides and sites suggest that babies at two months tire easily, two hours is the maximum they stay awake, then they have to replenish their energy supplies and take a nap. The Tyke, of course can not read at two months and does not realise that he’s tired and should sleep after two hours of fussing/crying/playing, he does not know. So he gets cranky when he’s tired and he cries, then he gets more tired and hence more fussy till he’s had his tantrum for a further two hours and then he does not mind being cuddled to sleep. During his awake time, he manages to squeeze in all possible activities a two month old is capable of; he feeds, burps, throws up, gets his clothes changed, poos, pees, gets his diaper changed, hiccups and is picked up to be patted into relief, coos and plays a while, is put down in a seemingly good mood and promptly starts protesting, fusses, looks around, cocks his head to figure out if there’s anyone around to pick him, locates target and starts flinging his limbs and making adorable noises and squeals to get noticed and picked up, is picked up, he cries some more because he’s tired but does not want to sleep, he’s fighting off sleep by now and fighting with anyone who tries to put him to sleep…after he’s so tired he can’t keep his eyes open any more, he drifts into sleep, and God help you if you put him down any second before he’s deep in slumber land…his eyes pop open the moment his itsy bitsy bum hit’s the bed and the cycle is repeated all over again. No book, guide, site mentions baby tantrums, nor do they warn new moms of baby projectiles.
The Tyke has marked me as the perfect target for all his bodily ejections. I can’t claim a fresh change of clothes for more than ten minutes. Soonest I change, the Tyke will have to be fed, changed, put to sleep etc. and he will lay claim to his mom in the only way he knows…a smelly release from his teeny tiny orifices or a vile missile at nappy changing time. As long as I smell like he does, he knows where his mom is.
The Tyke is a spoilt brat now. His grandmas were here for nearly two months, he’s of course marked them as his own in the only way he knows, targeting his shots at them, and the grandmas cuddled him into believing that he ruled supreme. He does in a way, he’s taken over the entire house and dictates my routine. Nano talked to him all the time, the Tyke expects non-stop chatter during his waking hours, he may or not deign to reply. He was massaged and bathed daily and he lorded in his little bath-tub. When Nano left he was restless for two days till we figured he was fussy for a massage and bath.
Dado cuddled and rocked the Tyke deep into sleep, he held her dupatta, shirt, chain, anything he could grab and fisted it tight. Only deep in sleep his hold could get lax enough to release Dado and then he would be put down to bed.
The bed, Nano got him a velvety bedding set. We tried putting him to sleep on the living room sofa so that he was before everyone’s eyes but he started getting restless again…and then his Dado figured out that he found the sofa hard and wanted to sleep on his soft bed. Now his velvety bed goes where he goes, sleep or play, the Prince.
Nano left and Dada came for another round of pampering. The Tyke made sure his grandpa would not sit idle, literally. The Tyke expects, nay, demands that he be picked up and walked around.
More later, my allotted 45 minutes of rest have signaled a crying end.
The Tyke is awake and demanding my ministrations


Mum2D said...

Welcome to Motherhood! Isn't it fun!:D I was wondering... do you take caffeine, in any form? Because that really affects the baby's sleep pattern. When D was that small, I had to stop tea, coffee, colas ( i didn't much of that anyway) and even chocolate. Even a tiniest sip or bite of it would interfere with his sleep. I know how hard it is to get some rest or keep yourself awake without the dose of caffeine but trust me it is worth it.

But... there is hope at the end of the dark sleepless tunnel. Babies usually get into a routine by there 3rd month. Ofcourse there is exception to the rule but Alhamdulillah D had a pattern and I was saved.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ "The Tyke, of course can not read at two months...."

Minute detail, keenly observed, delightfully articulated.

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