Sunday, June 12, 2005

On the road

OK. So it is not on the road. At least not technically. I mean I am flying to all destinations flying with those great people to fly with that man and woman the national carrier. And now I see my father's decision to not fly it. I mean you end up paying through your nose for courtesy and services never extended. Just take this one I am taking to ISB, the capital from LHR, the ultra thand city. They call you at the airport a good two hours before departure time and even an hour before the actual take off time (the one mentioned on the ticket at least) there is no one on any of the baggage counters. And once a passenger or two has gone to the shift in charge and given him a piece of his(her) mind, two people traipse in. Then there is no one at the belt counter. After three reminders and fooling aorund with the machine ourselves, my colleague finally figures out how to work it. So he belts up the luggage for two passengers before getting round to doing ours. In the meanwhile I have gone ahead and given a telling to the national carrier people. The one good thing is these internet kiosks. have yet to test if it works and uploads this update.
And don't even get me started on how it fared at the city's largest five star hotel. Terrible. Of course I politely smiled and gave it to any that merited it. It was good exercise, that thandi maar, with a smile. Take that. Overall I guess Lhr is a thand city. More later. they have announced my flight. That's another battle to be braved. Sigh!


افتخار اجمل بھوپال said...

You got what you deserved due to your own decision of traveling Lahore to Islamabad by air.
Don’t be upset please. Young persons, like you, do make such mistakes because they wish to learn by their own personal experience in stead of learning from experiences of others.

In the first place, didn’t you know that they ask passengers to reach airport 2 hours before take off of the flight. Then flights are usually late. Usually, it takes total 5 hours or more from entering Lahore airport to leaving Islamabad airport. Is it not better to travel from Lahore to Islamabad by air-conditioned bus which take only 4 hr 30 min, have nice snacks + cold drink and without any hassle, abundance of which is accompanied by air travel.

Staying in a 5 star hotel? Was that paid by your employer?

Anonymous said...

It was not my decision sir. Honest. Never has been. Earleir Popsie took us by train (15 years ago) from Lhr to Isb. three years ago, unkie took me to Isb from Lhr on the Daewoo, as you too have recommended.
And honestly, i prefer it on the road. As long as the air con works fine and i am not at the wheel. :)

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